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MTB is the digital currency used on the world's first Coin Cashing blockchain network platform

Innovative MTB Cashing by the MTB Team

The platform system that can provide benefits from Coin based on very high compatible security with innovative planning and technology MTB Cashing It is called.
What is MTB Cashing? The benefit of obtaining a certain amount of Coin immediately by simply holding or using the coin itself by grafting the Coin hash rate

MTB is developed and used for all businesses such as NFT, WEB3, META, AI, DFI, insurance, construction, and trade. can be and can be used.
  • You, investors, developers and holders, Do you want invest that platform without MTB cashing?
  • Do you cooperate and develop without MTB cashing?
  • We recommend our MTB platform that provides Coin benefits under the same conditions.

Our MTB team do our best to be the best !

Main project

Support for the world's first free telecommunications service

We plan to launch mobile phone/network equipment and free it so that anyone can easily use it anytime, anywhere.


Global Free Networks

new platform that combines communications policies

Once MTB communications are deployed, a very new business model can be created and utilized. Expect MTB Team to continue this plan and achievement


Start of the Domestic Free Network Plan

Internet / TV / WIFI FREE

MTB holders and new subscribers will receive all the benefits offered by MTB free of charge for life



MTB Team has established the world's first Glover Internet network and dedicated equipment system,
We are working on a project that allows people around the world to use wired Internet and WI-FI for free.

service 1

Global Network

World's first free WI-FI network for anyone to use anytime, anywhere

service 2

MTB network

Everyone in the world can use smartphones and the Internet for free via the network.

service 3


After installing communication equipment distributed by MTB, you will be rewarded with coins if you contribute to activating the MTB network.

This is a road map for the project

It's easy to see the progress

  • 1st Roadmap

    Building the MTB Project Blockchain System

    • the establishment of a foundation
    • MINING Technology Development and Construction
    • Issuing MTB Coin and Listing on the Exchange
    • Implementation of AirDrop Technology Development
  • MTB Global Network

    Free access to the world's Internet and WIFI

    • Planning and implementing a FREE network plan
    • Telecommunications agent meetings and business consultations
    • Launch of MTB Plan Communication
    • briefing session on business investment
  • Build a state-of-the-art network

    The MTB Team starts with a global start

    • Introducing external Wi-Fi network technology
    • More security of telecommunications equipment
    • Technology Open Certification
    • Deploying Explorer Data Services
    • formal service implementation
    • Marketing and settlement by country



Jasper SCEO

MTB Foundation Representative
TRC Future Technology Research Institute Representative
Marketing and Repair Technology Education
Import and Export Education Management


MTB Foundation Director
Gnu's Lab Web Specialist Company CEO
XABCD Trading Company Operation
Golden Mining Mining Co., Ltd. CEO
Professional Marketing Education Course/Instruction

Hyunguk ShinCOO

Trend Leader CEO
Domestic Professional Fund Manager
Marketing Solution Provider

William JiCIO

Withers Korea CEO
Overall Project Responsibility for China, Japan, and the United States
General Manager and Sales Support


Overall Marketing and Import Responsibility
Adjunct Professor at Korea Polytechnic University Daejeon Campus
Adjunct Professor at Daejeon University Department of Broadcasting and Performing Arts
Adjunct Professor at Chungbu University Global K-POP Department


Marketing and Repair Technology Education
Overall Import and Export Education and Management Responsibility

our expectations

MTB is a platform coin created with great planning. It is the only platform in the world where all user, developer, and holder foundations can grow stably with each other.
It is the only platform that can create new business models with perfect compatibility and diversity, and that many developers and users can easily use and participate in development.
We look forward to receiving a lot of interest and encouragement from our company, partners and holders.

Send Go!

Perfect compatibility and versatility

It is very easy to access as a Solidity-based platform, and it is possible to participate in a wide variety of developments such as NFT, DEFI, WEB3, SMART CONTRACT, FINANCE, and PAYMENT. It will provide very high liquidity in the future.

High security and structure

It is designed in a structure that merges and processes all verification methods of POS, MASTER NODE, and POW so that it can be used very stably and has a very high security structure. You can reliably join new innovative businesses on our platform.


Benefits are given to all businesses of MTB. Even if you are doing NFT, DEFI, WEB3, SMART CONTRACT, FINANCE, PAYMENT business, you can design it to give you great Coin benefits.

Green energy around the world

You can get a lot of benefits with stable and low expenditure by constructing a structure that allows you to operate based on green energy around the world with very wide business expandability and profitability.

The first caching platform that can provides Coin benefits just holding

It will be released soon.